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I Found A Photograph

I found a photograph the other day Of me in younger clothes Squirreled away buried in battered cardboard cave Dingy, dusty, damaged, Dumped in haste behind old books In a long forgotten corner Of an aged loft Where all my other junk Of long past lives Lies forlorn, discarded And there I saw The well remembered outline of my youth The thirsty eyes Full of hope And love And innocence The widely smiling mouth Whose wisdomed words Like golden oration spewed forth Unfettered by latter doubts But heeded only by unheeding night Those ears so often catching Sounds of joy And laughter And pain And longing The shoulders broad like Atlas Yet tender Refuge for tormented souls The arms full ardour But loveless left The hands so willing But always clumsy Tripping over words And tasks And life And I in longing know That this is how I want to be And not this deserted frame That I have now become Oh the years have turned And I have turned Into dust and yearning and nought Tumbling to my inexorable end Of dust and dull oblivion 10/02/2017
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