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Heat Haze

Beneath a sky cast sapphire blue By a stand of lonely blue gum trees Some cattle gather shaded from incessant heat Still they stand, panting statues Except for ears flicking flies away Across the red dust dry veld A dust devil whirls tall Past shimmering, stuttering skull white houses Hurling papers and bits In an impotent rage against the hot hard ground From the distance the sound of a tractor ploughing Deep furrows in a deeper landscape For mealies Or sorghum I sit out on the stoep this African afternoon And view, through pipe smoke haze The distant koppies and blood red ground Of a Western Transvaal Held in heats oppressive grip I drink my fill Of homemade pineapple beer Chilled in a glass filled with ice And gaze serenely on this placid place Unable to move or think or talk Wet with sweat my clothes cling To a glistened body tanned brown By sun and wind and work But not today 22/04/1998
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