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From Inside

So many fears Ripping me apart Voices in my head Driving me insane Pain Hitting me like rain Keep it inside Smile at distant faces No-one comes near Only fear Isolation No Emotion Mask your true identity Bluff your way through All you see is red Like blood No-one cares No-one dares Struggle, struggle without end Slowly die, drain away Only empty shell remains Blown easily on the wind What a mess Early death No-one holds funeral Who’ll mourn Fear torn Wreck that you are Silent strain Silent pain Insanity within insanity Madness out of bounds Drive dies So do I No caress No rest Say goodbye to the outside world Say goodbye to tomorrow Only yesterday Yesterday never leaves Say goodbye Hello pain Confusion, confusion, confusion Mix up in time Future, Present, Past Cannot last Death comes fast Oh to cease breathing 14/12/1983
Published inAngerPoemPsycheSadness

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