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Come the day

It’s ten to six in the morning A cold, cold morning Travel through the haze Of half sleep Returning to hateful wakefulness And with it Another day Maps itself out In full bloody detail Before me Roll off the bed Hit the floor Trying to wake up Failing Eyelids glued together Won’t come unstuck A thousand deserts In my mouth Stumble to the bathroom To shave If I don’t cut my throat first By mistake Brush my teeth Up, down Up, down Brush Not head That fuzzy thing in the mirror Is that me? Hell, I look rabid Maybe I am I feel it Dress In what? Something from the heap On the floor Something clean Well At least something That doesn’t smell too bad Breakfast Something floating In my bowl Oh, it’s cornflakes I think It’s so full of iron I could rust Go to work Car won’t start Kick the damn thing Sit behind the wheel Hitting my head On its hard rim Start For fuck sakes, start! Sit behind my desk All day Papers pass before my eyes Unread Unheeded Unwanted Oh please let me die! Glance at the clock Ten more minutes Until parole time A bloated blurry body Dumps more papers on my desk ‘These are important’ it bleats As I try not to kill them Finally I am finished It is dark outside I sit in the car praying To the gods of starter motors Cough, cough, whirr, BANG! Well I guess that counts as starting Shit! The fuel light is on Get home, open the door What should I eat Whatever is in the fridge Whatever isn’t green and furry Should I cook it? No why bother Sit down In front of the TV A talking head is asking Whether I have had an accident at work Hell My whole being is an accident Can I get compensation? Turn the taps Of an arthritic shower Waiting for the water To go from freezing To almost lukewarm Now where’s the soap It is way past midnight As I hit the bed With a sickening thump Of head on pillow Crawl under the sheet And pull it tight And hope The nightmares don’t come again Repeat… 18/09/2000
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