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I am just

I am just a simple man, A man who doesn’t always say the right thing, Who doesn’t always know the right thing to do. A man who cannot always express himself Like a gifted speaker Who sometimes stops And starts when saying something. Whose words sometimes like torrents flow forth. A man whose emotions sometimes overwhelm him And then like a fool degrades himself Before those for whom he cares And forever he then carries a burden of guilt Of some imagined wrong. I am just a stupid man, Who doesn’t always see that someone cares. Who feels a numbness for the outside world, And an emptiness within. Who doesn’t believe that love exists, For him, only others. Never for methat simple happiness Of love requited. I am just a wanting man, Crying out for someone to care. A lonely voice it seems to me, For no-one answers. Am I alone? And you, will you heed my call? Please. 15/05/1990
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