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Ground Zero

What did they feel I wonder? As they were swept away on that hideous wave. That same wave that so terribly burnt the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki Into our dull consciousness. Were they afraid, did they feel terror In those few seconds? Did they think on their loved ones, Did they know they were going to die, Or were they just living their ordinary lives? Were the children playing in the streets? Were the mothers shopping, washing, talking? Were the fathers working as they had always done? Did they have brothers I wonder Fighting at the front? So many died in that instant, in that twinkling of an eye, All on the orders of a solitary man so far away. And so many of the undead Suffered so terribly. Was it worth it? And now so many years later What lessons have we learnt? Could it ever happen again? Will so many people die so needlessly Or can we learn to live in peace? 13/01/1990
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