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A Homecoming

Suburban walls, suburban gardens, Suburban bricks Confront me A decade on So much has changed Behind my suburban exterior Am I as unrecognisable As the scene before me? As cold, as hard, as bleak? So much changed Beneath the same shell Like these houses and shops Am I, like them, Decaying, Rotting from within? Have these ten long and weary years So etched their pain Into the very stones of my soul That I may never return To what I was? But if I could Would I? Have I endured the torturing winds And tormenting rains For nothing? Have I watched them erode my hard exterior And expose my raw and bloody flesh To the tempestuous elements Just to say “It is right, Right to suffer so”? No, no I will not But stand and shout At my new found strength Swept clean by those who seek to hurt And once more return Return to this suburbia Unlike those around In their safe suburban lives A newcomer Returning to my fathers’ land To these Suburban walls, suburban gardens, Suburban bricks 13/07/1990
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